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Land and Housing

Life at the Monastery Has New Beginnings. 


"Our children will always be our children.”

Madre Inés


Some of our main news is the on going housing project for our grown up children. The Monastery is sharing with them a lot on the Monastery grounds for them to build their homes. Our Bishop Kirilos has given each one the property title after the Divine Liturgy during his visit. The process of building has started. God willing, counting on your generosity as always, we have started the process for 17 houses/homes:

1. Clearing the land.

2. Doing all the legal papers.  

3. Making ready the land / flattening.

4. Making building plans

5. Obtaining the government permits.

6. Building.  

All phases of the project takes time, months. But all advances. This first phase of 17 homes has a total budget from start to end of $______ We count on God’s Providence to bring this important project to completion. It will mean a “subdivision” of Hogar Rafael Ayau’s 17 new families around the Monastery. While all these goes on, these young adults, men and women, live at the Monastery, work and make a living.

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