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About us

Our Mission

Friends of the Hogar is a non-profit 501c organized to provide financial assistance to the former residents of the former Hogar Rafael Ayau Orphanage who are now young adults as well as  other Hispanics, young adults and children.


The FHRA provides financial support for the charitable mission work of the Orthodox Monastery of the Holy Trinity.  Our capital investment becomes a catalyst for growth of enterprise and innovation changing the way the world tackles poverty by empowering the individual with greater freedom and opportunity to transform to his life through higher education, affordable housing, perseverance and the loving prayers, support and leadership of the nuns of Holy Trinity Monastery, the FHRA and its many charitable donors.  May God bless our collaborative efforts.


THREE PRIMARY AREA OF FOCUS - change-makers transforming lives


The Orthodox Monastery of the Holy Trinity, located high on the mountainside overlooking Lake Amatitlan, is a beautiful oasis for retreat and refreshment of mind, body and soul.  It is a peaceful place, a prayerful place offering opportunity for liturgical services and restful moments of inner renewal.  Come participate in an annual iconography workshop taught by teachers from the Prosopon School of Iconology. Come visit. The monastery is a home for the nuns and offers hospitality to pilgrims and guests seeking God. 



Improving access to safe and clean affordable housing with innovative financing for the for the previously HomeKids of the Hogar Rafael Orphanage and now young adults studying and working, bringing dignity of homeownership to these young entrepreneurs.



Opportunity for on-line study for Hispanics include secondary school CERA and higher education at the the University of Olga y Manuel Ayau Cordon.  The UOMAC provides affordable study, university education, job readiness, and increased economic mobility for many students who otherwise would have no means or access to university study.

(Schools founded by Igumeni Ines Ayau.)


These are the change-makers behind the projects.

Be part of that change.

Our Mission

Empower our HometownKids and other young Hispanics with your support as

they study and work diligently to build better lives for themselves and family.

Thank you for the generosity and joy you

bring helping us help those in need,


Carol Karos, 

President of the Board 

Friends of the Hogar Rafael Ayau

The seeds of Orthodoxy have been planted;

a beautiful charitable community continues to flourish and grow.


Our Mission
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