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About us

Our Vision

Friends of the Hogar Rafael Ayau affirm and honor the image of God in every person.  We share our love for Christ and neighbor indiscriminately.  Our goal is to treat each person served with loving kindness, respect and dignity offering support as needed.


This VISION is beautifully lived out by the people of Holy Trinity Monastery and the charitable work they continue to.

Thank you for the generosity and joy you

bring helping us help those in need,


Carol Karos, 

President of the Board 

Friends of the Hogar Rafael Ayau


As crucial as it is for the Christian to face the world, its needs and suffering, it is even more necessary that social action- the service of neighbor- be properly grounded.

The proper foundation will be the love of God, for then each suffering brother and sister will be recognized as made in God’s image and likeness; truly in each neighbor will be visible the face of Christ. 

St. Mother Maria Skobtsova

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