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"All of our five schools or topics or degrees

in UOMAC have the same approach as to build

and continue building a Christian civilization"

Igumeni Madre Inés 


The UOMAC Bachelor of Science for Environmental Sustainability aims to teach different methods to take advantage of natural resources. It begins with learning the value of natural resources based on techniques that show alternative ways of appreciating the value of natural resources until it reaches the establishment of environmentally friendly production systems.


The UOMAC Bachelor of Political Science with an emphasis on Conflictology aims to provide the student with a broad knowledge of human relationships that develop in life in society, the conflicts that arise during them and their resolution.


The UOMAC Bachelor of Psychopedagogy aims to train professionals to manage and lead the Directorate of Educational Centers with a strong emphasis on the knowledge and application of Information and Communication Technologies, ICT.

It is aimed at people who wish to broaden and deepen their managerial and leadership skills, teachers who have a penchant for school management, and high school graduates who share these academic aspirations.

The School offers the student the following subareas: Psychopedagogical, Information and Communication Technologies, Curriculum Management,


The UOMAC Bachelor's Degree in Mesoamerican History makes students aware of the historical development of Latin America in the context of universal history. There are three levels of knowledge: -Universal History, -History of America, -History of Mesoamerica, with the Mayan Civilization in the center.

The academic model foresees the knowledge of the properly historical areas, as well as complementary areas of the humanities, important for the region (psychology, sociology, archives, pedagogy, etc.). Also necessary for the quality teaching

of secondary school, high school, teaching, etc. teachers.

The School includes the Mayan Epigraphy Course, based on the method

of Yuri Knórosov, which allows further research in the area of archeology in the region.


The systemic management of historical knowledge is taught, which gives the student a comprehensive vision of social development and objectively assess the role of the Mayan civilization in particular. All courses are multidisciplinary in nature, which corresponds to the demands of modern knowledge. The method of anthroposystemic analysis makes it possible to apply knowledge in different areas, such as political science.

The School of Mesoamerican History is very important for the Mayan region, due to the fact that it opens several job opportunities to graduates, in areas such as: archeology, tourism, research, pedagogy, administration.


The UOMAC Degree in Sacred Scripture reveals the Biblical text that serves as a reference and unites the different Christian confessions. The historical and textual ignorance of this set of Books is of unsuspected consequences.

This School wants to make the text known in a complete, historical, critical and profound way, both in its context and in its parenetics and at the same time put the Biblical text

in the context of the religions of the world, deepening it to understand both the differences such as dependency and the special contribution of Christianity in history.


Linguist school

The benefits of learning a second language include numerous benefits such as brain growth, postponing dementia, boosting memory, improving attention, and many more. From learning a second language, draw your attention to the rules and structure of abstract language, which can make you better in your mother tongue.

In addition, having another language in addition to your mother tongue is increasingly necessary if you want to have a mid-level job, since almost all large companies ask for it and most SMEs are also asking for it. Some sectors take it for granted that speaking English more or less well is already normal and ask for a third language.

Thus, once you start the stage of knowing a language, you will also see how it has its reward, since each advance you make in it will make you feel more comfortable and increase your self-confidence. Not to mention that knowing how to understand other people, even if it is not in their mother tongue, will give you a plus to know their culture, customs and traditions in a personal way and not under the influence of the media, which is often stereotyped.

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CERA is a private, non-political and non-profit institution, which bases its

educational action on the principles of freedom, truth, justice and harmony.

CERA offers the opportunity to complete secondary education through a Baccalaureate in Sciences and Letters, approved by the MINEDUC, with a curriculum attached to the requirements of the National Base Curriculum (CNB) and to the new trends in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). 

Our online, open and distance education system (ELAD) adapts to the blended modality through communication support with students and tutorials.

The UOMAC is a private, non-political and non-profit institution based on the principles of freedom, truth, justice and harmony, which provides education online, basically through the internet and in person.

UOMAC is a multidisciplinary international administrative and academic team.

UOMAC is also supported by the “Friends of UOMAC”. They are those people or institutions that understand the importance of the UOMAC educational program and its costs and want to participate by making

donations in kind or cash.


They are also people who have accompanied the formation process of this university and have been a great support. In this way they join the group of Friends of UOMAC either publicly or privately.


Those who wish to join our group of friends can make donations directly to the Banks used by UOMAC or to FHRA at or collaborate in any way possible.

UOMAC - is recognized by UNESCO Guatemala for Spanish speaking students. It uses a fully online, open and distance system based on "open access teaching". According to "the principle of flexibility proposes electronic learning as a cornerstone to build inclusive knowledge societies and promote the free circulation of ideas and knowledge." (UNESCO)

It offers university-level courses, in eBook format, in iBook and PDF versions.

Each eBook covers a full term or semester course, with a certain number of international academic credits.

The academic quality of online courses (eBooks) is easily verifiable, since they are available on the internet and are updated when necessary. The university courses in eBook format are free for those who register as

regular students at UOMAC and are affordable for those who wish to download them without being regular students.

UOMAC will deliver a Diploma upon successful completion of the study of each course and each Diploma or Module.

UOMAC - has agreements with other approved Universities in different countries, in which you can enroll in the career you want and you will have to fulfill the extra requirements that they ask for. You will also have to pay

the extra costs of this University that will grant you the Diploma or Degree upon successful completion of the Career.

Enroll now, today, start your path of personal improvement.

The most important thing is that the effort in your studies has enabled you to perform as a successful entrepreneur or excellent worker. The definitive recognition is given by yourself, by life and by the people who hire your services, because the quality and responsibility of your work is the best recommendation of your ability.

Enroll today and don't stop until you reach the finish line.



People in an environment of freedom create great innovations and produce high levels of progress and well-being for all, because only when there is freedom is abundance created for multitudes. And when there is not, poverty and the scarcity of goods is what abounds.

In the permanent struggle between freedom and slavery, education plays a fundamental role.

At UOMAC, the ideal of freedom innate in the human heart is presented as an essential condition for living and considers that the human being, being free, is capable of being productive, responsible for his own life and personal, family and community development and that chooses to delegate certain minimal social functions

to a government, such as imparting justice and security.

The most important thing is that the effort in your studies has enabled you to perform as a successful entrepreneur or excellent worker. The definitive recognition is given by yourself, by life and by the people who hire your services, because the quality and responsibility of your work is the best recommendation of your ability.

To achieve this education, the courses are presented online with a pedagogy and an educational system that constantly stimulates, favors, promotes and rewards actions, attitudes, virtues, reasoning, reflection, intellectuality and responsibility.

With this perspective, UOMAC offers education to those citizens who have completed their secondary education, regardless of location, distance, age, financial capacity, times and schedules.

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